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Application Cases
Application Cases
NFC Smart Luggage Tag for Airport luggage management
Solutions of Bluetooth iBeacon Thin card
Requirement Analysis -- Traditional nursing home main problems The location of the elderly in the nursing home is unknown. It's not convenient for the staff to arrive at the specific location; Many elderly people easy lost way in nursing homes..
Understanding Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iBeacon Technology
Wooden RFID Smart card 丨 Union Smart always at the forefront of sustainable development
Passive Fingerprint Card
Suitable for card readers that continuously send card-seeking signals
Eco-friendly E-paper tags
Don't look down upon the damage of printing consumables to the earth
Smart Medicine Box with E-ink EPD tag
Smart packaging not only satisfies consumers' pursuit of product authenticity, but also allows them to obtain product information more conveniently.
Batteryless Visual NFC E-ink Label
Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. (Union Smart) , an IoT technology company which specialized in Bluetooth cards , Fingerprint card and NFC E-ink label, has successfully developed “Visual Battery Free NFC E-ink Label”
Batteryless E-ink Aviation Luggage tag
NFC is a near-field communication standard that is currently standard on mainstream mobile phones
iBeacon Bluetooth Traffic Card - Appliacation in the urban transportation card industry
As an important part of public transportation payment, urban transportation card has the advantages of fast payment and large discount, and is the first choice of most citizens. However, many people have such troubles, forgetting to bring a transportation card or a wallet, which makes it difficult to travel.
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