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Application of RFID humidity tags in the food industry
Application of RFID humidity tags in the food industry

As the food industry attaches great importance to food safety and the need for monitoring the production environment increases, the application trend of RFID humidity tags in the food industry is also gradually increasing. 

Development trends include:

Improve food safety

RFID humidity tags can monitor the temperature and humidity of food in real time, ensuring the safety of food during production, transportation and storage, and reducing the risk of food deterioration and contamination.

Optimize supply chain management

RFID humidity tags can track the production, transportation and storage of food, improve the transparency and visibility of the supply chain, reduce logistics costs and time, and improve efficiency.

Improve production efficiency

RFID humidity tags can automatically monitor temperature and humidity, improve the automation of the production process, reduce manual intervention and errors, and improve production efficiency.

Strengthen brand credibility

RFID humidity labels can provide food traceability information, strengthen brand credibility and consumer trust, and increase consumer loyalty.

RFID humidity tags have broad application prospects in the food industry and will become one of the important technologies in the food industry.

The humidity measurement tag independently developed by Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. is also called RFID humidity card and moisture-proof tag. It is an electronic tag based on passive NFC and used to monitor the relative humidity status of items. Paste the label on the surface of the item to be detected or place it inside the product or package to monitor humidity changes in real time.

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