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Batteryless Eink Tags
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Tricolor Batteryless NFC Eink Tag
Product Size112*45*4.5mm
Display Size2.9 inch
Display ColorBlack/White/Red
ISO standard14443-A
ApplicationsIndustry management, Employee, etc
E-ink screen labels replace paper labels to provide an efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical solution (reuse 1 million times, equivalent to printing 1 million paper labels)
Why choose us?
1.Passive tags, no battery life limit.
2.E-ink paper, ultra-low power consumption, saving and environmental protection.
3.Waterproof, anti-collision and dustproof.
4.Support OTA firmware upgrade.
5.Support picture storage.
6.Support NDEF.
7.Comply with ISO14443-A communication protocol. Removable shell protective cover and lanyard hole.
Easy and Fast
NFC wireless e ink tag can upload text and images anytime anywhere with a mobile phone,
each upload takes only 3 seconds,
and you can modify it on your phone if errors were made.
Cost Saving
By using NFC technology to provide instant power, the E ink display consumes very little power while data exchanging and refreshing;

The content stays for a long time without consuming power, this E ink display can work for more than 10 years without charging
The E ink display can upload test and images constantly without papers and other printings which can greatly help to protect the environment
Tricolor Batteryless NFC Eink Tag
Cards embedded with e-paper IDs.

These cards use contactless proximity communication (NFC) to overwrite displayed information—including barcodes. Smartphones can also be used for overwriting.
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