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NFC Pet Tag
dimensionCoin shape, pet collar, or customized
Antenna sizeØ12.7MM, Customized
chipNXP Mifare / Desfire / Ultralight / ICODE / UCODE NTAG213、NTAG215、NTAG216、S50、F08、ultralight、ultralightEv1、FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、NTAG203、I-CODE2、TI20485、SR1512
protocolISO 14443
Personalized customizationLED lighting design can be added;
Pet vaccination records,
pet collar,
pet clothing.
Helps Lost Pets Return to Their Owners Supports NFC Touch and QR Code Scanning
Wear the NFC pet tag on your pet. Once a pet goes missing, a good Samaritan who finds the animal can tap the tag with a smartphone or scan the QR code on the tag to obtain pet information and contact the owner to retrieve the pet.
Product advantages:
1. Any NFC-enabled smartphone or device can quickly scan the tag to obtain the pet’s information without the need for additional hardware or specialized apps. Simplifying the process of identifying and contacting pet owners.

2. NFC customized pet tags provide a variety of customization options. Owners can choose different shapes, sizes and printings according to their preferences. They can also personalize the tag content with their pet's name, photo, or any other relevant information.

3. NFC customized pet tags can customize BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) geolocation function. Owners can track and monitor their pets' whereabouts in real time via a smartphone app.

4. Tags are usually made of durable materials that can withstand vigorous play, outdoor activities, and water exposure. This ensures that the tag remains functional even in harsh usage environments. Moreover, customized special skin-like materials are also harmless to pet skin.
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