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iBeacon Bluetooth Traffic Card - Appliacation in the urban transportation card industry
iBeacon Bluetooth Traffic Card - Appliacation in the urban transportation card industry

As an important part of public transportation payment, urban transportation card has the advantages of fast payment and large discount, and is the first choice of most citizens. However, many people have such troubles, forgetting to bring a transportation card or a wallet, which makes it difficult to travel.
In order to solve the above problems, we have launched the iBeacon Bluetooth transportation card with intelligent tracking/anti-lost function. When you go out, if you forget to bring your transportation card, your mobile phone will prompt you to remember to carry it; or you can put this card into your wallet or other items you need to carry, you can solve the problem of forgetting to bring your wallet and other items.

◆ NFC payment:
iBeacon Bluetooth traffic card supports NFC and other traditional transportation card payment technologies, which can meet all the needs of traditional transportation cards; including self-service terminal recharge, manual recharge, credit card payment, card surface printing logo.
◆Smart reminder:
The iBeacon Bluetooth traffic card is connected to the mobile phone through the APP. When the Bluetooth traffic card is separated from the mobile phone by a certain distance, the mobile phone will alarm in time to remind you to remember to carry the traffic card;
◆ Find items (customized):
You can insert the iBeacon Bluetooth transportation card into important items such as wallets and passports.
When you can't find the real thing, you can click the calling function of the mobile app to stimulate the Bluetooth traffic card to make a sound, which can be easily found according to the sound;
◆ Find mobile phone (custom):
After the mobile phone and the Bluetooth traffic card are bound, you can find the mobile phone through the one-touch call button of the Bluetooth card, and the mobile phone will automatically ring the alarm so that you can find it quickly.

working principle

NFC payment principle

1.iBeacon Bluetooth traffic card enters the traffic card card reader NFC signal coverage (less than 10cm).
2. The card reader obtains the traffic card information and uploads the information to the background server.
3. The background server obtains the traffic card information, returns the card balance information to the card reader, and the card swipe machine performs the card deduction fee. If the balance is insufficient, the card is failed; if the balance is normal, the card is successfully swiped, and the balance after the deduction is uploaded, go to the background server.

iBeacon Bluetooth works

The nearby mobile phone (the mobile phone and the Bluetooth traffic card are bound) receives the Bluetooth signal sent by the Bluetooth traffic card, and determines whether the Bluetooth signal is strong or weak to achieve various requirements.
If the Bluetooth signal is disconnected, it means that the mobile phone has left the coverage of the Bluetooth traffic card, and the mobile app can prompt a warning.
If you forget the phone storage location, you can find the phone through the one-touch button of the Bluetooth traffic card.
If you can't find the Bluetooth traffic card, you can find the traffic card through the calling function of the mobile app.

Product advantages
iBeacon Bluetooth traffic card integrates iBeacon and NFC functions, which can realize intelligent tracking and payment functions of items at the same time; iBeacon Bluetooth traffic card size can be customized to match the traditional public transportation card, and support self-service terminal recharge;
The iBeacon Bluetooth Traffic Card supports the appearance of printed design to meet the customized needs of different cities and different customers;
iBeacon Bluetooth traffic card integrates intelligent reminder and intelligent tracking and searching function, which can effectively solve the pain points of the citizens forgetting to bring cards and wallets;
The traffic card operator can integrate the smart reminder and tracking search function into the operator's app (such as Pengtao in Shenzhen) or in the small program, which can increase the frequency of the citizens' use and play a drainage effect.

Product description

Ultra-thin card design: using our invention patent "cold pressing process", the thinnest thickness can reach 1.0mm
Positioning function: support iBeacon positioning function
Integrated NFC: Can be applied to applications such as access control, payment, etc. Sleep/Wake-up: One-button sleep wake-up function
Call/Reminder: One-touch call function and voice reminder function (customized)
Traffic card integrator/operator; campus card integrator/operator;

Customer groups
Traffic card integrator/operator
Campus card integrator/operator
Enterprise card integrator/operator

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