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Fingerprint card
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Fingerprint card
Size85.5*54*0.85mm (L*W*H)
CraftCold lamination technology
Communication InterfaceNFC
Security chip SEOptional
ISO/IEC14443 TypeA
According to the different thickness for batteries, Bluetooth chips and other electronic compounds, the thickness for our cold lamination card is around 0.84-1.8mm. Generally speaking, it’s 0.3-0.4mm higher than the highest points of the PCB board. The cards support customized patterns and personalized printing
Fingerprint Smart Card is carrying a performance for fingerprint recognition in smart cards to provide convenient and secured identity authentication. The solution offers industry leading biometric performance and is optimized for matching fingerprints in constrained computing environments such as Secure Elements.
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Cold Lamination Technology
The Cold laminating card adopts low temperature lamination technology (cold lamination technology). The internal structure of the cold laminating card is mainly composed of PCB circuit board, lithium polymer battery, IC integrated chip, and Bluetooth function module.
Function introduction: The working status of the card can be controlled through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, and the security information and consumption information of the card can be grasped at any time.
Cold Laminating Technology
Fingerprint card Payment Solutions
√ EMV Level test ongoing
√ Embedded Condition : Algorithm based
√ No Battery, No Supercapacitor with ISO standard
√ Thin thickness : 0.8 mm after Lamination
√ Co-work with Global Credit Card
√ Dual Interface fingerprint smart card
Fingerprint card is a single and multi person registered by the first management, the use of storage cards in living organisms to identify fingerprint information, immediately corroborate the cardholder's identity, can be combined with a bank card deposit, credit card, NFC, mobile payment.

The application of device access to Carmen no management, ID certification for various purposes, to avoid the loss of the card, caused by the theft of financial losses.
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