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PET Card
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PET Card
SizeCR80--85.5*54mm (Be customized)
CraftGlossy, Matte, Matte, Epoxy (Single or Double), Brushed (Single or Double), Laser (Single or Double)
Thickness0.76mm / 0.84mm / or be customized
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Printing methodLaser code, flat code (gold flat code, white flat code, black flat code), inkjet code (ordinary inkjet code, UV inkjet code), embossed code (gold embossed code, silver embossed code), barcode (one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional code barcode), QR code
NXP Mifare / Desfire (customized)
PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a plastic resin and form of polyester. PET cards are made up of a combination of PVC and polyester that's highly durable and heat-resistant. Typically made of 40% PET materials and 60% PVC, Composite PVC-PET cards are constructed to be stronger and to withstand high heat settings, whether you laminate or print with retransfer ID card printers.
Why PET sustainable card?
Polyethylene terephthalate, also called PET, is the name of a type of clear, strong, lightweight and 100% recyclable plastic.

Unlike other types of plastic, PET plastic is not single-use -- it is 100% recyclable, versatile, and made to be remade.
Advantages of PET Material card
PET is a desirable fuel for Waste-to-energy plants, as it has a high calorific value which helps to reduce the use of primary resources for energy generation.[
What we do?
We're produce any kinds of sustainable cards and shaping a sustainable future for RFID.
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What are the disadvantages of PET material?
1. The polymers are easily available and inexpensive
2. High strength to weight ratio
3. Highly transparent and shatterproof
What are the characteristics of PET material?
PET has the characteristic of being a transparent, amorphous thermoplastic when it is subjected to rapid cooling, while it behaves as a semicrystalline plastic when cooled slowly or when cold-drawn. PET is produced from the polycondensation of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid.
What materials are used in PET?
What is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)? PET is a polymer consisting of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, two materials that are combined to create hard plastic pellets. Those pellets can then be melted and shaped into nearly any form, which will then cool and harden into a tough, shatter-proof material.
Is PET material eco friendly?
PET is the preferred for plastic bottles (and other uses) as it's 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. It can be recovered and recycled into new products again and again, reducing the amount of resources wasted.
Is PET plastic biodegradable?
For a polymer to be categorized as “biodegradable”, more than 60–70% of the sample must be degraded within 6 months. PET cannot meet these conditions and is accordingly categorized as a non‐biodegradable polymer.
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