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Visual Cold Wallet Card
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Cold Wallet Payment card PCBA
Size85.5*54*1.8mm 1.02 ", 1.5" E ink flexible E-paper display
ScreenThe screen can be set to display content through the APP (you can develop your own APP based on the interface documents we provide, and you can integrate multiple functions capable modules such as image output display, text output display, etc.)
Buttonscan be customized as required, up to 15
BatteryRechargeable ultra-thin battery
Bluetooth functionsupports Bluetooth 5.0 and above
Typical applicationsDigital currency wallets, membership cards, employee cards, all-in-one cards, etc.
OTP function
can be customized
PCBA Financial Visual Card, pcba ble card, pcba cold wallet card, wallet payment card, visual card, has a built-in high-performance security chip and a low-power e ink electronic paper screen.
In order to improve the payment convenience for foreigners coming to China (elderly people, students, etc.), the official website of the People's Bank of China has released a Chinese and English version of the payment guide for foreigners coming to China.

According to the guide, foreigners coming to China can choose a series of payment services such as mobile payment, bank cards, cash, accounts, and digital RMB.
Why choose Visual Cold Wallet card?
Currently, digital RMB payment methods include scanning QR codes, touching merchant POS terminals with mobile phones, reading cards or wearable device cold wallets through "Tap and Pay", and pulling digital RMB payment options from online merchant platforms. Among them, the digital RMB cold wallet with a E-ink screen is even more popular because it can check the balance/transaction amount at any time.
Our advantaes
Compared with the mature traditional hot laminating processing technology, cold laminating technology is a process independently developed by Union Smart in 2014.

It can be used to package various components, such as lithium batteries/ink screens/fingerprint modules/ Various PCB circuit boards such as buttons/buzzers/accelerometers are pressed at low temperature/low pressure in a normal temperature environment, which can effectively protect the components inside.

They can be packaged into standard card sizes or other customized shapes. Among them, the digital RMB cold wallet visual card uses cold laminating technology, which makes payment more convenient for foreigners coming to China.
Some choices you can choose
1. You provide your technical requirements, and we will evaluate, develop and provide relevant schematics/PCB layout/firmware development and complete production and cold lamination sealing;

2. You provide the designed schematic/PCB layout/firmware, and we will help you arrange PCB production, burning and cold laminating;

3. You provide the patch and burned PCBA, and we help you cold-lamination and seal the card.
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