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Sustainable card
Wooden Card
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Wooden Blocking card
Product specifications85.5*54*1.5mm (with chip) 85.5*54*0.8mm (without chip)
Product technologylaser engraving, silk screen printing, color printing, hot stamping/silver, serial code/inner code, QR code, chip writing and encryption
Packaging materialsblack walnut, basswood, maple, birch, boxwood, bamboo, other woods can be customized
Working frequency125Khz, 13.56MHZ, 840Mhz-940Mhz
ChipNXP Mifare, Desfire, UCODE, ICODE, Ultralight, etc.
Eco-friendly?Renewable, Sustainable, Recyclable
Anti-theft, Bank card/Passport protector
The blocking card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on high frequency (13.56mhz) smart cards such as credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, passports, membership cards and so on.
Why choose RFID Wooden Blocking sustainable card?
Securing your personal Information:
Basic personal information such as ID Card can be compromised and exploited through unauthorized scanning of your ID. This can allow a hacker to gain access to your organization’s server, as well as employee-only areas at your work site.

Credit Card Safety:
One popular way hackers steal credit card information is to use their scanners in crowds. If your card uses RFID technology, this is cause for concern. If your credit card is stored away in a RFID-blocking badge holder or in a shielded credit card sleeve, the scanners will not be able to pick up the radio signal.
RFID Business Blocking card
It also can be uses as Business name card. Scan it and get the personal information.
Applications of Sustainable Wooden Smart card
②Access control
Advantages of Sustainable Wooden Smart card
①Environmental Sustainability
②Aesthetic Appeal
③Reduced Carbon Footprint
⑤Customization Options
⑥Positive Brand Image
Why choose us?
More applications
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Hotel Key Access card
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Are wooden products eco friendly?
Wood is the ultimate “green” product — it's renewable, sustainable, recyclable, grown locally, versatile, biodegradable and has a smaller energy, water and carbon life cycle footprint than other products.
What are sustainable cards?
Our wood cards are PVC free, biodegradable and help reduce oil-based plastic waste. Traditional PVC cards can take 500 to 1,000 years to biodegrade.
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