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ALIEN Higgs®
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Alien Higgs™ 9
SizeCR80--85.5*54mm (Be customized)
CraftGlossy, Matte, Matte, Epoxy (Single or Double), Brushed (Single or Double), Laser (Single or Double)
Thickness0.76mm / 0.84mm / or be customized
Printing methodLaser code, flat code (gold flat code, white flat code, black flat code), inkjet code (ordinary inkjet code, UV inkjet code), embossed code (gold embossed code, silver embossed code), barcode (one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional code barcode), QR code
ROHS, CE, GRS, SEDEX, ISO9001, ISO14001, SA8000
High Capacity GS1 Class 1 Gen 2 RFID Tag IC
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Why choose us?
Compliant to GS1 Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6C
Worldwide operation in the RFID UHF bands (840-960 MHz)
1024-Bits of NVM/RAM Memory
Up to 496-EPC Bits (nominally 96 bits)
Up to 688 User Bits
48 Bit Unique TID
32 Bit Access and 32 bit Kill Pass-words
Pre-Programmed with a unique, unalter- able 48-bit serial number
User Memory can be Block Perma-
Locked as well as read password pro- tected in 256 bit Blocks
Low power operation for both read and program
QuickWrite™ / BlastWrite™ – High-speed chip & mass programming
Dynamic AuthenticationTM anti-cloning /
anti-counterfeit technology
Exceptional operating range, up to 13m with appropriate antenna.
Dynamic memory structure
High sensitivity
Featuring industry leading data integrity & reliability, Higgs™ 9 delivers cutting edge read / write sensitivty and flexible memory capacity designed to fit with today’s demanding applications and the evolving IoT information base.
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