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Cruise Ship ID Card
SizeCR80--85.5*54mm (Be customized)
CraftGlossy, Matte, Matte, Epoxy (Single or Double), Brushed (Single or Double), Laser (Single or Double)
Thickness0.76mm / 0.84mm / or be customized
Printing methodLaser code, flat code (gold flat code, white flat code, black flat code), inkjet code (ordinary inkjet code, UV inkjet code), embossed code (gold embossed code, silver embossed code), barcode (one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional code barcode), QR code
NXP Mifare, Desfire, Ultralight, ICODE, UCODE.
ULTRALIGHT C / Mifare1 S50 1K / S70 4K / TK4100/EM4100/4200 / T5567/5566/5557/ )NXP PLUS/FM1208/ISSI4456 8KC / SLE5542(4442)/ 5528(4428) / FM4442/4428/FM08 / ATMAL 24C16 24C06
Cruise ship ID cards are scanned at the entrances to the ship and at various points throughout the ship, either via magnetic strip, RFID readers or bar code in order to identify the passenger, allow entry to and exit off the ship, allow entry into certain areas of the ship, including the passenger's cabin, bill purchases to the passenger, and various other functions.
Advantags of RFID Cruise Ship ID Card
RFID cruise ferry cards allow passengers to easily access their cabins, make purchases onboard, and board and disembark the ship quickly and efficiently.

RFID technology helps to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to cabins or restricted areas on the ship, providing a higher level of security for passengers.
Advantags of RFID Cruise Ship ID Card
Cashless transactions
With an RFID cruise ferry card, passengers can make purchases onboard without the need for cash or credit cards, making transactions quick and seamless.

RFID cruise ferry cards can be personalized with passenger information, allowing for a more tailored and personalized experience onboard.
Advantags of RFID Cruise Ship ID Card
Easy tracking
RFID technology allows cruise companies to easily track passenger movements and preferences, helping them to improve their services and offerings.

Environmental benefits
RFID cruise ferry cards can help reduce the use of paper tickets and physical cards, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel experience.

Loyalty programs
RFID cruise ferry cards can be integrated with loyalty programs, allowing passengers to earn points or rewards for their purchases and activities onboard the ship
Theme park attractions on Cruise Ships
RFID technology can be used in theme park attractions on cruise ships to enhance the overall guest experience. Here are a few ways RFID can be utilized in theme park attractions on Cruise ships
RFID wristbands
Guests can be provided with RFID wristbands that can be used as their ticket for accessing various attractions on the ship. These wristbands can also be linked to the guest's onboard account for making purchases.
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