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Sustainable card
Recycled PVC Card
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Eco Biodegradable card
SizeCR80--85.5*54mm (Be customized)
CraftGlossy, Matte, Matte, Epoxy (Single or Double), Brushed (Single or Double), Laser (Single or Double)
Thickness0.76mm / 0.84mm / or be customized
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Printing methodLaser code, flat code (gold flat code, white flat code, black flat code), inkjet code (ordinary inkjet code, UV inkjet code), embossed code (gold embossed code, silver embossed code), barcode (one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional code barcode), QR code
NXP Mifare / Desfire / Ultralight / ICODE / UCODE
We Support Sustainable Carbon neutral card / Recycled PVC Cards, offering the same outstanding print quality and durability as regular PVC cards, but considerably reduce the negative impact on the environment. It is brand new Eco-friendly materials and can meet the green environment in the world. 1. PVC is well suited to recycling due to it's advanced mechanical recycling properties. 2. Large volumes of recyclable PVC waste are available. 3. Using Recycled PVC helps meet resource-efficiency targets and allows the preservation of natural resources. 4. Using recycled PVC reduces emissions and landfill.
We're going green
Sustainable Recycled RPVC Card / Carbon neutral card / sustainable card
Recycled plastic (R-PVC) refers to the plastic raw materials obtained after processing waste plastics by physical or chemical methods such as pretreatment, melt granulation, modification, etc., and is the reuse of plastics.
Sustainable Recycled PVC Smart Card
(Carbon Zero)
We support Sustainable Recycled PVC Cards, which offer the same excellent print quality and durability as normal PVC cards, but significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.
What we do?
We're produce any kinds of sustainable cards and shaping a sustainable future for RFID.
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Security positioning details
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Amusement park/Water park
Eat & Drink & Entertain ( all in one card)
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Optional materials / cards
Optional materials / cards
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Crusie / Ferry
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Ski day pass card
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Skydiving / Goft
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Why PVC can be recycled?
Long-lived and used predominantly in construction and infrastructure, PVC can often be too contaminated to be recycled. Historically, using virgin PVC resin has provided a number of benefits over recycled including cost and colour.
Can recycled PVC be recycled?
In the case of recycling, the carbon footprint is significantly lower than in the case of production from virgin material. Recycling saves energy and prevents further carbon extraction from the ground.
What's RPVC?
A recycled PVC card is a type of plastic card that is made from recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. This type of card offers a number of benefits over traditional PVC cards, including reduced environmental impact and potentially lower cost.
Why Choose RPVC?
Reduced environmental impact, Potentially lower cost, Durability, Versatility
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