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UHF Medical tags
Base materialPET
MaterialPP synthetic paper half adhesive
Product size & Dry label size49*22(Customized) & 38*18(Customized)
ProtocolISO/IEC 18000-63(fomerly 18000-6C)and EPC Gen 2
chipImpinj/Monza R6
Data saving50 years
Working frequency
Specifically designed for medical applications, sensitive reading.
Advantages of smart labels compared with traditional barcodes
Why choose UHF Tags?
1. Unique identifiability
Each RFID tag is uniquely identifiable

2. High recognition sensitivity
Sensitive, quick reading and writing effect

3. Strong stickiness
Waterproof, scratch-proof and abrasion-resistant

4. Long reading distance
Good multi-tag readability, long reading distance and fast reading speed

5. Resistant to low temperature and liquid interference
Low temperature resistant material, can withstand low temperature freezing and thawing, and has strong resistance to liquid interference
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