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NFC Mini CD Album Tags
SizeDiameter 25mm (Customized)
StandardISO/IEC 15693
ChipsICODE 、NTAG (Customized)
Read and write distance2-20CM(related to the use environment and card reader)
FrequencyHF 13.56MHZ
fast music playback/electronic business card exchange/game quick start/smart advertising/product verification/patrol check-in, etc.
Customized Print Logo Square Mini CD NFC Mini NFC Sticker Tag
What's NFC mini album tag card?
A mini album, also known as an EP (Extended Play), is a music release that contains more music than a single, but less than a full-length album. In the context of NFC (Near Field Communication), an NFC mini album refers to a specific type of digital music release that uses NFC technology to share music.

An NFC mini album typically consists of 2-6 tracks, and is designed to be a smaller, more focused release than a traditional album. NFC technology allows music enthusiasts to share and play back these mini albums by tapping their compatible devices (such as smartphones or tablets) near the NFC-enabled device containing the music.
Product characteristics
NFC function: Tap and Play, Information exchange, Two-way communication.

Imported chip: More sensitive induction, Convenient transmission, Stable performance.

Pure copper coil: Durable, Stronger receiving signal.

High-quality materials: Waterproof and oil-proof, durable, optional sustainable materials.

Customization supported: text/pattern/size/shape/packaging material, etc. can be customized, with adhesive backing/anti-interference layer (anti-metal interference, anti-demagnetization).
NFC tag a variety of play
amiibo game production
Music wall
WiFi connection
In the car
Next to the sofa
Bedside table
Washing machine
Personal bag
How to use?
*Apple NFC usage tutorial
1. Apple's own player: Open shortcut command → Create personal automation → NFC → Scan chip → Name → Play music → Click on the library to select a song - do not ask before running
2. Other music players: For example, QQ Music → Copy song link → Shortcut command → Automation → NFC → Scan chip - Name → Search "Open URL" → Paste the copied song link → Cancel the run query

*Android NFC usage tutorial
1. Download NFC Tasks and NFC Tools Pro
2. Download songs to local music
3. Open NFC Tools → Task → Add task → Sound & Media → Play → Next sound → Select song → Click OK
4. Click "Write / xx bytes" and touch the NFC chip to complete the writing
5. Exit NFC Tools, put the phone close to the phone chip, and it will play automatically
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