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Financial Cold Wallet Visual Payment Card
Financial Cold Wallet Visual Payment Card



1. Product Description

Union Smart Digital Currency Display Card has a built-in high-performance security chip and a low-power electronic paper screen, a Bluetooth module and touch button modules, and can be customized to configure the OTP module. SDK can be provided for second development. Developers can develop applications to control the display content and the functions that need to be implemented, including payment, location, attendance, tracking, etc., and can establish communication with the mobile phone through Bluetooth.


It can be used in many fields, including electronic wallets, all-in-one cards, membership cards, password vault, employee cards, electronic ticket cards, smart password keys, social security currency cards, game currency cards, hospital cards,school cards, parking cards, Internal shopping card and other related applications that need to display card information.

2. Product Compositions

• Electronic paper display (E-ink Dot-matrix display / Segment display)

• Security chip SE-Key component (Mainly provided by payment system providers)

• NFC chip (Optional)

• Touch button modules (Optional)

• Fingerprint module (Optional)

• Bluetooth module (Optional)

• RFID chip (Optional)

• Other electronic components

3. Product Features

A. Patented cold lamination technology, making ultra thin card, thickness is only 0.84~1.6mm

B. Size is same as credit card, easy to put into the wallet

C. SDK for second development

D. Low-power electronic paper screen

E. ISO 14443 and Bluetooth communication interface

F. Extended API allows applet to control keypad and display

G. Rechargeable Battery

4. Product Functions

A. Based on smart card secure element chip, generating and storing the private key locally.

B. Absolutely cold wallet, private keys never touch the Internet, safe and worry-free.

C. Display screen and buttons, every transaction is visible and digitally signed, which can be checked at any time.

D. Full alphanumeric keypad on the device, entering your Pins and recovery phrases has never been more secure.

E. Replaceable smart card, unlimited wallet supported and easy for backup.

6. Our Advantages

By using patented “cold laminating” technology, Union Smart laminates the PCB, Thin battery, Bluetooth module, Block chain and other compounds in regular temperature, which can be widely used in communication, financial payment, object positioning and other fields. Thickness of this ultra- thin card is only 0.84~1.6mm, very portable and convenient to carry.

It also free to be customized to add E-ink display, Fingerprint module, NFC, RFID, buzzer etc. to achieve various application.

7. Cooperation Types

Type 1: Customer-supplied F/PCBA ultra-thin card processing

Customer provides a complete set of circuit boards and components, and our company is responsible for packaging into cards.

Type 2: Customer-supplied R&D and design

The customer provides the main components, BOM list and design principles, and our company is responsible PCB design and other components procurement, PCB production, component patch welding, and finally packaged into a card.

Type 3: Customized customer-supplied solutions

The customer provides design ideas, and all other processes are completed by our company.


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