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Ultra Thin DA14580 DA14583 Bluetooth iBeacon
Ultra Thin DA14580 DA14583 Bluetooth iBeacon

The Ultra thin DA14580 Card Beacon Tag is designed based on the Low Energy Bluetooth 4.2 technology and laminated by our patented "cold laminating technology" which is specially applied to laminating any kind of active smart card into ultra-thinness. The shape of Beacon Card LH1 looks a bank/RFID card with a Lithium polymer battery. It supports wired charging type to keep offering BLE advertising with a long battery life of 3-5 years.

Beacon Card LH1 broadcasts the data at regular and adjustable intervals according to Apple’ standard iBeacon protocol, can be heard and interpreted by Android BLE-enabled devices and standard Bluetooth gateway.

Beacon Card LH1 is widely used for the access control, trade shows, conferences, events, intelligent hotel smart card, indoor location in different places such as enterprise and public institution positioning, and parking/shopping center/museum/exhibition hall/exhibition indoor positioning, etc.

The cheap Ultra Thin Credit Card beacon Tag based on DA14580.


DA14580 Benefits:

◆Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 4.2 / 5.0 specification)

◆Cortex M0 application processor

◆Integrated One-Time-Programmable memory

◆1 Mb Flash (DA14583)

◆Power supply 2.35 -3.3 V

◆Single pin RF I/O

◆Rich set of analog and digital peripherals

◆Lowest power, smallest size, lowest system cost

◆Flexible: products can be upgraded in the field

◆Data retention, even on depleted battery

Card Beacon Features:

◆1.3-1.4mm in thick

◆Ultra-Lithium Battery of 100mAh included

◆Portable charging cradle

◆Over 3 years battery life

◆1.5-2 hours to fully recharge on a standard QI wireless charger of working voltage: 5V

◆More than 3 months if used once a day at default time interval: 500ms.

◆One key Sleep/Wake up function

◆Support low power alarm and automatic shutdown


Card Beacon Descriptions:

◆iBeacon Certified - All features of iBeacon supported.

◆Proximity UUID/major/minor/advertising interval configurable

◆UUID/Major/Minor/time interval could be modified by our app: UBeacon.

◆Maintenance Cost and Maximum battery life

◆Using Dialog DA14580 chips, in same Tx power

◆Double or triple battery lifetime of Nordic nrf51822 chips

◆Six battery lifetime of TI CC254x chips.

◆Fine tuned antenna, optimized transmit strength, covering same range using lower Tx power.

◆NFC/RFID/firmware could be customized accordingly.


Card Beacon Configuration Instruction

A. Enter the Bluetooth device search interface>enable Bluetooth Settings on mobile phone> log in APK application interface> select iBeacon Bluetooth device, as shown below:


B. Enter iBeacon configuration interface as below:


C. Read iBeacon information by clicking “Read” button to get relevant info about iBeacon as below:


D.Configure Single iBeacon information by modifying UUID, Major ID and Minor ID as well as time interval as below:

UUID modification


Minor ID Modification:


Then click“CONFIG”button after modification, there will be a reminder as below:


E. Configure iBeacon information in batch


F. Put multiple UBeacon cards next to the Bluetooth phone, click to enter the search interface menu. When searching multiple UBeacons and displaying them in the list, then click the button "BAT" in the upper right corner to enter the batch configuration menu.


Then input configuration info as below:


G. Then click Configuration Config. After the batch configuration is completed, the APP will pop up the total number of successfully configured UBeacons, and also the Bluetooth MAC address and the value that should be configured for the unconfigured UBeacons, so that users can configure the unconfigured UBeacons independently.

(In bulk configuration, make sure multiple iBeacon cards are close to the phone enough.)


Card Beacon could be used in applications as below:

1. it can be deployed in shopping malls to automatically push store information, conduct in-store navigation, introduce preferential products, guide consumers to consume and make payment when customers pass by;

2. Deploy in the parking lot, identify parking Spaces, guide users, pay parking fees automatically, etc.;

3. Deploy in tourist attractions to explain scenic spots and interact with multimedia....

4. it can be used in indoor location and tracking etc.

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