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Batteryless Visual NFC E-ink Label
Batteryless Visual NFC E-ink Label

Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. (Union Smart) , an IoT technology company which specialized in Bluetooth cards , Fingerprint card and NFC E-ink label, has successfully developed “Visual Battery Free NFC E-ink Label”, an NFC tag with a battery-free display that can enhance traceability, enable labor-saving, and drive paperless processes in manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

Features & Advantages

1. Efficient and accurate

The information on the screen can be changed within three seconds. Efficient operation and can better reduce the error rate of manual rewriting.

2. Long life cycle

The E Ink electronic paper display can be refreshed more than 1000,000 times. If refresh 30 times every day, it can be used more than 90 years!!!

3. Energy saving

Using just the power for wireless NFC communication, with no power required to maintain the information displayed.

4. Save cost (labor cost, material cost, etc.)

The absence of a battery eliminates the need for charging, replacement, or other maintenance and enables , to drive greater efficiency for product management by streamlining such processes as relabeling and instructions for logistics.

5. Anti collision

With high-quality materials and comprehensive protective shell, with strong enhanced impact and drop resistance.

6. Waterproof

Can pass IP67 testing. Our Visual Battery Free NFC E-ink Label is currently the only one with waterproof function in the world.

How does it work?

It can be easy operated by 1) any NFC-enabled handset, 2) 13.56Hz RFID reader.

To refresh the display content, use a smart phone with NFC function, or an NFC reader, close to the E-paper for both wireless powering and data transfer; comes with Android APP, as easy as swiping a credit card.

Wireless NFC-powered display refreshing, no messy wiring, stable operation, fast refreshing.


It is very suitable for hospitals, manufacturing industries, warehouses, logistics, campus cards , convenience stores, restaurant, etc.

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