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Leaders of the Pingshan District Bureau visited our company
Release time: 2021-03-30
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On March 25, 021, Liu Yaohuang, deputy director of the District Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Wu Zihan, head of the Financial Services Section, and other leaders visited our company for investigation and research and to guide the work. CEO Jiang Kai and Deputy General Manager Tao Xixian attended the research meeting. CEO Jiang Kai extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the District Industry and Information Bureau and thanked the District Industry and Information Bureau for its support to the company's development.
Accompanied by CEO Jiang Kai and Vice President Tao Xixian, the visiting leaders visited the product showroom and production workshop, and learned about the company's product structure, technical advantages, production situation and production scale. Deputy Director Liu Yaohuang fully affirmed the company's development and put forward specific work suggestions for the company's recent business plans. I hope that the company will adhere to the road of technological innovation, independent innovation and development, produce more high-quality projects, and better serve the society.


In recent years, with the acceleration of digital currency, the Internet of Things industry will be one of the fastest changing industries. For companies, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is necessary to face a long-term prevention and control battle that has evolved due to the epidemic, but also to strive to achieve the production goals set by the company this year. In the face of this major task, the company has worked together to increase the expansion of the industry, adapt to the opportunities brought by the reform of the Internet of Things industry, and lay a more solid foundation for the company's future development.
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