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The Patent "Cold Laminating Process" of Union Smart
Release time: 2020-07-23
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The Patent "Cold Laminating Process" of Union Smart Invention won the "IOTE 2020 Gold Award"
On July 15, 2020, after multi-party competition and multi-stream warm-ups, the list of winners of the 14th "IOTE Gold Award" Innovative Product Selection Event was finally announced.
The invention patent of Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd.-an active smart card lamination process patent with Bluetooth and switch (patent number: ZL 2016 1 0452484.2) stood out from tens of thousands of entries and won the "IOTE 2020 Gold Award" !


The "IOTE 2020 Gold Award" innovative product selection activity is to "promote the most representative and innovative Internet of Things products to inspire enterprises to make greater contributions to the Internet of Things and realize an innovative society with all things intelligent" The main purpose is to select one of the tens of thousands of exhibits to be displayed at the IOTE 2020 Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition after strict voting by the Internet and expert jury, according to the product’s innovation, practicality and other evaluation indicators. Hundreds of excellent products and solutions that make people in the industry shine.
Cold laminating process: It is an innovative technology for the hot laminating process and the smart card production process. The process can control the lamination temperature through the temperature control debugging equipment of the cold press. The debugging equipment can clearly grasp the internal lithium polymer battery, and change the temperature and send instructions to the terminal to effectively control the lamination temperature and lamination time to meet the temperature control packaging requirements for active smart cards.
The cold laminating process can effectively solve the defects of many traditional small electronic products such as Bluetooth iBeacon, which are not beautiful in appearance, inconvenient to carry, and restricted in use. It can meet the needs of users' personalized customization. It also greatly expands the application fields of traditional smart cards. For example, if a Bluetooth chip is installed in the IC card, it can not only retain the original payment function of the IC card, but also increase the positioning and anti-lost functions. Putting the chip IC card in the wallet can effectively prevent the wallet from being forgotten and lost, thereby protecting the card holder’s property safety.

According to the thickness of electronic components such as built-in battery, Bluetooth chip, etc., the thickness of cold pressed cards produced by Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. (www.usocard.com / www.uswiots.com) is between 0.84 and 1.8mm, which are generally electronic components on the built-in PCB The size of the highest point plus 0.5mm is the thickness of the cold-pressed card. The dimensions of the cold-pressed card can be customized according to the user's individual requirements, making fingerprint cards, financial cards, tracking cards, electronic access control, RFID tickets, etc.

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