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latest RFID hotel highlights from across the globe
Release time: 2020-06-15
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latest RFID hotel highlights from across the globe

With many states giving the green light for leisure travel to resume, the hotel industry has adopted a set of protocols that are changing the look of the country’s hotels and the way they operate. The goal is to make guests feel safe, or relatively safe, from the coronavirus.


In addition to having hotel workers clean and wipe most surfaces much more often, hotel operators are installing stickers on floors to remind people to keep their distance from one another. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout buildings. At least one hotel moved its lobby to a less crowded location; others have spaced pool furniture far apart to discourage guests who don’t know each other from cavorting together.
In most hotels, staff will be wearing masks. Some hotels will offer masks and hand sanitizer to guests when they check in.


Technology may provide a keyless, handsfree solution for opening hotel doors, but there is still a solution for those using key cards
XXX Systems, a company that provides thousands of hotels globally with key card solutions through its subsidiaries, has acquired the exclusive right and license to manufacture and distribute a patented and proprietary antimicrobial plastic key card to hotels and resorts in the United States. These key cards contain New Antimicrobial Layer (NAML) technology to inhibit the growth and transmission of germs, viruses and dangerous pathogens that thrive on the surfaces of intensely circulated products such as hotel key cards. Antimicrobial agents are added during manufacture of the hotel key card to inhibit up to 99.99% of germ, virus and bacteria regeneration. The effect is long-lasting with no adverse reactions to anyone interacting with the antimicrobial surface.
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