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Start to Union Smart - one stop management of Smart Libraries
Release time: 2019-11-26
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Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Union Smart") has been committed to the construction of a smart library, and continued to win the bid for the RFID library label Project of Longgang Library in September 2019. With the factory strength, price advantage and professional services, it successfully won the bid for the RFID electronic label project of Shanxi Library.

RFID library label won this bid uses I-CODEX chip, the size is 53 * 50MM, the protocol is ISO15693, and the frequency is 13.56MHz.

                                                                               Sample of RFID Library lebel 

At the beginning of the establishment of the Union Smart, it invested heavily in the introduction of a fully automatic RFID production line, with an annual output of hundreds of millions of smart labels (sets) and users all over the world. Union Smart has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO4001 environmental management system certification. Its main products have obtained 10 utility model patents and one invention patent (cold pressing technology), and 17 software copyrights. Union Smart has won wide recognition and love from customers at home and abroad for its high-quality products and services, advanced technology solutions and independent intellectual property rights.

         Headquarters of Union Smart 

Production equipment

What's Smart Library?
With the rapid progress of the times, the culture of learning has become more developed, and the phenomenon of knowledge economy has become increasingly prominent. Various libraries have become the first place for citizens. Due to the large variety of books, the huge number of books, and the rapid turnover of borrowing and other major problems bothered the staff. RFID book intelligent management is the use of automatic identification technology and radio frequency communication technology, non-contact automatic identification technology. RFID book management makes reading easier.

   RFID Label                                                                                          Reader                                                                                        System 

The construction of smart libraries is mainly composed of RFID tags, readers and related book management systems. The size of RFID electronic book tags is often 50 * 50mm (the antenna size: 45 * 45mm).

The application of the RFID system in the field of library management has updated the traditional barcode technology and security mechanism, accelerated the process of library management automation, and provided a hardware platform for the construction of smart libraries.

Track books in real time

Each book is affixed with an RFID high-frequency electronic tag, and an RFID inspection machine is installed at the library exit. When someone leaves the library and carries an unchecked RFID-labeled book or other media material, the RFID checker sounds an alarm. If someone tries to avoid the alarm and take the book away, the library can still track the book and put it back in place.

Quick and easy processing of borrowing

The counter workstation can use the RFID electronic tags on the books to read and process book borrowing and returning operations, and can handle other more complex tasks, such as renewal borrowing and fines.

Quick inventory

The librarian only needs to hold the reader to read the RFID electronic tags on the books on the bookshelf to complete the inventory work. The inventory time is very short. It took several months and several months of work for one person to complete it in half a day. At the same time, it is easy to find books that are not in the bookshelf or in random places, greatly saving manpower and material resources, allowing librarians to have more time to help readers or add more service items.

Applications of RFID Library label 
RFID electronic label market has a wide application scene, with the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at one time, long distance recognition, fast data transmission, high reliability and long life, and resistance to harsh outdoor environments. It can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing, anti-counterfeiting traceability of various items (such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, etc.), retail, vehicle management.
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