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Why So Many Ski Resorts Are Using RFID?

Why So Many Ski Resorts Are Using RFID?

We all know the drill – buy your ski pass, get a small metal triangle and a sticky ticket, attach them to the front of your jacket as proof of purchase. But what if that ski pass wasn’t a sticker?

What if it was a credit card-sized pass you could simply slip into your jacket pocket? What if resort employees could scan that pass at any time to get your allergy or emergency contact info?

What if you could use it to book your rentals, open your locker and pay for your lunch? RFID technology is now being implemented at many popular ski resorts to facilitate the guest experience and improve operational efficiency. Here are just a few of the benefits ski resorts can expect when they decide to go digital!


rfid ski ticket card


Going Digital

1. Ticket management

Guests use an online platform to purchase the ticket type of the their choice. Whether they purchase a day pass or a season pass, guests receive a small RFID pass that is associated with their personal online profile. Adjustments can be made to a guest’s pass at any time should they decide to upgrade to a different admission type or add features (EX: meal package, equipment rental, spa package, etc.).

2. Reduced fraud

Printed tickets can be reproduced or shared between friends. An RFID pass is associated with a guest’s personal profile and can be verified at any time with a simple scan. The pass is virtually impossible to counterfeit, making it unlikely for a ski resort to experience fraud when using RFID access control solutions.

3. Shorter wait times

Guests keep their RFID ski pass in their pockets and simply ski through the gates at the bottom of each run. With a green or red light, the gates indicate a guest’s permission for entrance. This process speeds up access at each ski run and leaves resort employees with more flexibility to actually engage with guests as they ski through.

rfid ski ticket card


4. All-in-one experience

By using RFID technology to streamline the guest experience, a resort offers its guests a comprehensive solution that includes their ski pass, rentals, locker access, spa package, meal purchases and more. Guests enjoy being able to manage their entire experience at the ski resort using one simple platform and one small RFID pass.

5. Sales tracking

RFID cashless payments are easy to track and sales reports can be analyzed to determine purchasing patterns, popular items, busy times of day and more. Resort operators benefit from having all transactions recorded in one place and guests receive a receipt for each transaction sent directly to their email.

rfid ski ticket card

6. Consumer behavior info

Each time a guest uses their RFID pass to access a ski run, book a rental or make a purchase, resort operators gain valuable consumer behavior info. Knowing how guests are using the services and facilities at the resort can lead to informed decisions for targeted marketing strategies and resort development.

7. Increased engagement and customer loyalty

Guests feel empowered when the experience is in their hands – literally. Using their connected RFID ski pass, guests can access ski runs, book rentals, open their lockers, pay for food and drinks, take group photos and more! RFID solutions can be customized for the resort to ensure guests get the most out of their visit and feel encouraged to return for future visits – even during the off-season.

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