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New Ideas: Put the RFID Tire Tag Use In RFID Smart Tire Industry
RFID tags are implanted into tires and the RFID chip records tire serial numbers, production date, factory code and other information, so that tires will become more intelligent. The RFID tags embedded in the tire is equivalent to an electronic ID card for the tires. Each tire becomes an effective data tracking carrier. The external reading and writing equipment wirelessly collects automatic data, realizing the automation of data identification and thus realizing the automatic logistics of the tire.

RFID technology has waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, data on the label can be encrypted, storage data capacity is larger, storage information changes freely and other advantages. The application of RFID tire tag can monitor the status of tire in the process of production, sale, use and claim settlement in real time, so as to regulate orderly production and sale (prevent refurbishment, counterfeiting, OEM, and counterfeiting) in the tire industry, and realize tire life cycle management, standardizing transportation, to ensure the safety of person and property, promote and standardize new tire industry to realize tire cycle economy.

The combination of RFID technology and tire manufacturing technology can not only solve the current tire identification and traceability process problems, at the same time, the RFID tags can be written into production data, sales data, using the data, renovation, etc., at any time can be read through the terminal device to collect relevant data, through the corresponding management software, manage the whole life cycle of tires can be realized effectively, the degree of pressure, temperature and wear information real-time transmission to the vehicle control system, the car owner may at any time to obtain information, guarantee the safe operation of vehicles.

Tire is one of the most important parts of automobile, its performance and working state will directly determine the driving safety of automobile. RFID tag is embedded in the tire to withstand deformation, high temperature and pressure during tire forming and vulcanization. The vulcanization process of automobile tires is a high temperature process that lasts for several hours, which puts forward almost strict requirements on the high temperature resistance performance of RFID tags.

Since 2012, Michelin has been supplying RFID tire tags to London buses and using them in combination with embedded wireless air pressure sensors, reading the CODE on RFID tags through a handheld reader and measuring data such as tire pressure and tread depth. In addition, Goodyear and Dunlop have applied RFID tire tags to racing cars to provide accurate data for race organizers.

The tire data collected and recorded by RFID tags and the data of green tire grade have authenticity and reliability, which can effectively realize the monitoring of tire product quality and the whole life cycle, eliminate backward tire production capacity, develop to high-end high-quality products, and realize the upgrading and development of China's tire industry.

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