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Application of RFID Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing
Relying on the powerful functions of RFID technology in identification, perception, networking, positioning, etc., applying it to the management of complex parts manufacturing process can enhance the intelligent image of products and improve the quality and service of product design, production, sales, after-sales, and maintenance. Level, realize the full life cycle of the product, and effectively improve its manufacturing efficiency and quality.

It can be embodied in the following areas:
(1) Digital workshop based on RFID technology. The application of RFID in the digital workshop mainly includes knife and auxiliary tool management, equipment intelligent maintenance, and workshop mixed-flow manufacturing. The use of RFID technology can realize the information interaction between the tool and the host, the visual tracking management of the tool and the quantitative monitoring and prediction of the life of the tool. In addition, the operation of key parts of the equipment is monitored online through smart sensors integrated with RFID technology, and through the network to communicate with the back-end server, online monitoring of processing equipment performance characteristics, operating status evaluation and risk warning, early equipment fault diagnosis and expert support are realized. Through the integration of industrial fieldbus network and MES and other systems, intelligent selection of process routes, processing equipment, processing procedures, visual tracking of processing/assembly status, and real-time monitoring of the production process are realized. 

(2) Intelligent product life cycle management based on RFID technology. Intelligence is an important direction and trend for the future development of electromechanical products. One of the keys to product intelligence is how to achieve rapid acquisition and sharing of information throughout its life cycle. The effective integration of RFID technology and sensor technology can obtain real-time and efficient product status information during processing, assembly, service and other stages. At the same time, through network transmission, manufacturers can timely grasp the working condition information of the full life cycle of the products produced, which is for manufacturing companies. Back-end service support, remote command delivery, and user's personalized design improvements provide powerful data support. Through the application, the production cycle and delivery time of the demonstration enterprises have been greatly shortened, and a good demonstration effect has been achieved.
(3) Intelligent manufacturing logistics based on RFID technology. Integrating the RFID system with the automatic warehouse system of the manufacturing enterprise can realize the automation of work-in-process/goods in and out of the warehouse and batch identification of goods. In addition, the integration of RFID technology and GPS technology can realize the precise positioning of the products in the manufacturing enterprise, and at the same time, realize the sharing of logistics information and the whole-process monitoring of products through network transmission, thereby optimizing the procurement process of the enterprise. Through the use of middleware technology, the intelligent logistics system is seamlessly connected with the enterprise ERP and MES system to achieve rapid response and reduce inventory, and to improve the intelligent level of manufacturing enterprise logistics management of products in progress.

The core of realizing intelligent manufacturing is still data and integration, basic data must be accurate, and deep integration between information systems, and between information systems and automation systems. Obviously, the effective combination of RFID technology and intelligent manufacturing can make up for the "information  gap" between the enterprise planning layer and the control layer to a certain extent, and grasp the production plan and production line production status in time; realize the transparency and visual management of the production process; The transparent and visual management of the production process greatly improves the manufacturing efficiency, quality and corporate management level.
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