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RFID Technology Applications: RFID in sport events
RFID Technology Applications: RFID in sport events
Previously, the National Football League (NFL) has added RFID tags into football players' shoulder pads. Through this RFID tag, both audiences and referees can know the movement track and status of the athletes. In fact, RFID tags have been used in many sports, as follows:

RFID in Rugby sport
The RFID tags for NFL players included motion sensors, audiences can get an intuitive sense of the speed of the athletesthat gives audiences an idea of the force of the impact, these statistics will make the game even more exciting. The movement trajectory allows the referee to better judge whether the player has fouled, Rugby has strict rules about players positions and there are offside rules. The way it used to be done was with cameras and human eyes, but now you can see where are the players are directly from the computer, the computer can even tell the referee directly whether the player has a foul. RFID technology can help the team to further optimize the training contents, more reasonable attack routes and trajectories are then assigned according to each player's ability.

RFID in Golf sport
The TopGolf in Texas uses RFID technology, real-time display of players results. The solution uses passive EPC Gen 2 UHF frequency RFID technology to measure the distance of golf ball movement, record points for each player at the same time.

The RFID tag tracks 200,000 golf balls, this process consists of 548 landing points. Because golf covers a lot of land, it is difficult for players to know where the ball is immediately after it lands,
not to mention showing the audience the trajectory, but if added the RFID tags to Golf balls, audiences and players both can see the balls trajectories in real time and be able to find the landing site immediately. Through motion sensors, audiences also can intuitively know the strength of the players shot.

RFID in track and field events
In 1994, the Berlin Marathon was pioneered by Champion Chip in RFID technology, RFID tags that carry personal information on players, by setting the start and end points, the organizer can collect information through data collection points. From then on, such RFID technology been used in road races, ski races and decathlon events, and timing efficiency can be greatly improved.

At present, high level track and field competitions use laser rangefinder to measure distance, the referee can spot the first drop when it hits the ground but there still be some errors. But If RFID tags and sensors are embedded in things like shot puts and javelins, etc. the system will be able to determine the landing point in the first place.

In short, RFID technology has been used well in all kinds of ball games and various sport events, we trust that RFID technology can develop a better way in the sports industry in the near future.

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