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Application of Temperature RFID Tags in Cold Chain Logistics Transportation

Cold chain logistics refers to a systematic project that temperature-sensitive products are always in a specified low temperature environment during production, storage, transportation, sales, and consumption before consumption to ensure product quality and reduce logistics losses. Typical temperature Sensitive products include dairy products, fresh foods, gardening products, blood, vaccines, medicines, etc.

Cold chain logistics includes four parts: refrigerated (frozen) processing, storage, transportation and distribution, and sales of products. Among them, the transportation and distribution links are the weak link of cold chain logistics due to complex environmental factors, wide coverage, high technical requirements, difficult monitoring, and high risks.

In order to solve the pain points of temperature monitoring in cold chain logistics, transportation and distribution, Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. (www.usocard.com) has developed an RFID electronic tag with temperature measurement function, which supports active (the tag comes with There are two working modes: battery) and passive. In the active mode, the built-in high-precision RTC of the tag can perform regular temperature measurement and record and store temperature data, or receive external temperature measurement instructions to complete a single temperature measurement operation. In the passive mode, the tag can also use radio frequency energy to complete the temperature measurement operation by receiving an external temperature measurement instruction and return the result.
Technical Parameter
Size    85*54mm(Customized)
Thickness    <1mm
Accurate temperature range    -35~50℃
Temperature measurement accuracy    ±0.5℃
Temperature measurement interval    1~65535s
Maximum storage temperature points    20000
working frequency    High frequency, UHF, dual frequency (optional)
protocol    ISO/IEC 14443A, NFC, ISO18000-6C
Operating mode    Active, passive

Working principle of cold chain temperature control system based on RFID technology
1. Before departure, paste the labels with the parameters such as start time, temperature measurement interval, high and low temperature alarms on the packaging of goods that need cold chain transportation. During the entire transportation process, the electronic labels can follow the set procedures Automatically measure and record temperature data without human intervention throughout the process.

After arriving at the destination, read all temperature data through a fixed reader, handheld or NFC mobile phone and upload it to the background for analysis. This scheme can only be implemented in active mode.

2. Before departure, paste the temperature measurement label on the package of the goods to be transported, and install a temperature monitoring system in the transport vehicle. The temperature monitoring system sends signals to the label at regular intervals according to the set parameters, reads the temperature data and can access the wireless network. The data is transmitted to the back-end system in real time. Managers can use the back-end data to monitor temperature changes in the transportation process in real time and realize early warning management. This scheme can be realized in both active and passive modes.

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