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Union Smart's Epoxy Fuel Card Leads New Trend
                                                                                                      Union Smart's Epoxy Fuel Card Leads New Trend

As a car owner, have you ever encountered the embarrassing situation that you can't find a fuel card when you refuel?
Fuel card is an intelligent stored value card used to refuel cars. It has the advantages of large and reliable storage, good data confidentiality, strong anti-interference ability, and fast operation speed. Nowadays, Many oil companies have established fuel card systems to facilitate car owners. However, the traditional card-style fuel card is very easy to lose or break, and the square appearance can not meet the needs of those who pursue fashion aesthetics.Therefore, Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. specially launched the colorful and vivid "Crystal Epoxy Refueling Card".

Union Smart Crystal Epoxy Refueling Card is made of various materials printed with imported crystal Epoxy on the surface. It can be designed and processed into a variety of highly personalized new RFID smart cards, which can be printed in full color. The appearance is crystal clear, strong three-dimensional sense, and has the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof and anti-vibration. According to the need, it can also be made into a key chain and connected with the car key, so there is no need to worry about losing it.

In addition to refueling cards, Union Smart Crystal Epoxy Card is also widely used in various industries and can encapsulate various smart chips. It is suitable for radio frequency identification fields such as membership management, points, consumption system, all-in-one card payment, product identification, school management, community management, access control attendance, identity recognition, and city all-in-one card. Various cartoon shapes can be produced according to the different requirements of customers, which is an ideal choice for promotional activities of various enterprises.
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