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Advantages of Access Control RFID card in Hospital
Advantages of Access Control RFID card in Hospital

Prospect of Application of Access Control RFID card in Hospital
A hospital is a complex place, especially a large hospital. Unlike many institutions that only have staff members, in addition to busy doctors and nurses, there are many new-born children, patients with special illnesses and other vulnerable groups, and relatives of children and sick people. When an accident or misfortune occurs, there will also be families of victims of emotional instability gathered here, so the hospital is a place where the personnel is chaotic but not chaotic, and the newborn baby is stolen, and the hospital is in chaos in an emergency. Such phenomena also occur from time to time, so it is necessary to do effective personnel management in the construction of smart medical care.

Advantages of access control RFID card in hospital
1. Set up RFID access control attendance channel, medical staff wear corresponding RFID employee card, RFID attendance channel automatically recognizes medical staff's RFID card, and automatically complete attendance record management.
2. In special and important areas, RFID access control is set up separately, and the entry staff is tested for authority and entry and exit records.
3. Security personnel patrol positioning, route management records. Security personnel wear RFID tags that can be located, and can monitor the activities of security patrol personnel. In important places, the patrol personnel can be identified through RFID reading and writing equipment.

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