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RFID in Jewelry Industry
Today, with the rapid development and application of RFID technology, the electronic and information management of jewelry is an important means to strengthen inventory management, sales management, and improve management efficiency.

We can introduce RFID technology into jewelry management, attach RFID tags to valuable jewelry products, and use the jewelry inventory equipment installed on the counter to monitor, control and track the labeled jewelry, to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking and sales management intelligence change.

Usually the main application links of RFID in the jewelry industry are: inventory, tracking and anti-theft and so on.



Inventory checking
Employees hold RFID handheld devices, regularly scan each plate of jewelry that needs to be counted, and the handheld devices automatically communicate with the system to check the jewelry information. In order to further increase the security of the system, while accurately recording the incoming and outgoing of jewelry, we also added the real-time inventory of jewelry, read the whole plate of jewelry in and out of the warehouse with the handheld device, and checked with the corresponding data of the system, so as to find potential hidden dangers in time.

Booth anti-theft
Anti-theft of jewelry booths has always been the top priority of jewelry sales. The use of personnel supervision inevitably has omissions and greatly increases the mental burden of employees, and the automatic identification technology of RFID just realizes the automatic monitoring of jewelry technically. Place the RFID reading device under the jewelry tray of the booth. When the jewelry is normally placed on the booth, the presence of jewelry is instantly recognized. This is a normal state. If a customer picks up the jewelry and tries it on, the jewelry leaves the RFID reading range, which is an abnormal state. If the jewelry has not been returned to the booth after the time set by the system, the system prompts employees to pay attention to possible risks.

Electronic Order System
In the jewelry sales process, when a customer needs to buy a certain type of jewelry, the sales staff immediately needs to check the price and inventory of the jewelry, which will inevitably lead to the risk of possible jewelry theft, and electronic jewelry ordering can be a good solution this problem. When a customer buys jewelry or several pieces of the same jewelry, the employee can use the handheld device to read the jewelry information, check the inventory of the jewelry with the same price, and automatically send the customer's order information to the system to generate an order. Prompt shipping or replenishment in the warehouse management system.


RFID technology in the jewelry industry will bring jewelers as below:

√ Good customer experience
Jewelry management information system will facilitate customer through fast and exact understanding of the handheld device is concerned about the entire information on jewelry and only read on RFID jewelry label is okay, the related information will be displayed to device of the store, one key operation experience technology brings relaxed and comfortable shopping atmosphere.

√ Real-time and accurate security monitoring measures
RFID technology will monitor and protect the jewelry from the time it enters the store to the time it is officially sold. Any abnormal operation will trigger the alarm device of the system, so as to inform relevant staff to respond at the first time to protect the asset from loss.

√ Scientific and effective data mining
The system records the information of jewelry sold in real time, and carries out automatic data mining and analysis according to each customer's purchase business or inquiry business, and provides scientific guidance to the purchase, inventory and other decisions of the enterprise management.

√ Quick and accurate inventory operation
Touch free RFID technology, multiple RFID tags can be read at the same time, and the characteristics of strong penetration ability will help enterprises to quickly and accurately complete the inventory operation of goods in stock, which will significantly reduce the labor and time input of enterprises in inventory, reduce the operation cost, and improve the management efficiency.

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