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Travel Smarter with RFID Luggage Tag

Millions of bags are lost or misplaced, my friend's parents recently flew to Germany. Their luggage was lost and never recovered. It ruined their vacation. Even when bags are found, though, the stress of not knowing if they'll arrive at one's destination can ruin a trip. Another friend of mine had bags go missing during a connection to Europe (both incidents happened within the past two months). They worried that they would not arrive in Madrid in time for a cruise they were planning to take. The bags did arrive, but the stress endured meant their vacation got off to an unpleasant start.

You can tag luggage with an RFID chip so you can track it and never have to worry about losing it during a flight.You now have a more fashionable alternative to paper labels, we can custom the shape and apperance of luggage tag for you, with any RFID chip embeded you want.

We can print unique barcode on every tag, then you can add your contact details to be contactable.



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