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The FIRST manufacturer of RFID blocking card in China

I know maybe every supplier will said they're the first manufacturer of RFID blocking card in China to their customer, although the market competition is cruel, but the facts are more eloquent than words, our company: Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. was the first manufacturer of RFID blocking card in China, we initially got the inspiration from foreign customers, we were the first company in China to come up with this concept and put it into research and development, and we were also the first company to get the relevant patent, foreign customers may be confused, but these are well-known in China's RFID industry.

If you've never heard of this product, don't worry. Let me introduce it to you, it's just a device that blocks signals used to prevent signal theft, the hardware inside an RFID-based device is basically a small chip and a radio antenna. RDIF chips are used in a number of products and devices. 


An RFID-user’s greatest threat comes from individuals now known as "skimmers". They use devices called RFID scanners to pick up credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes from passerby. These scanners take advantage of traditional RFID technology, utilizing digital advancement for theft. The term "skimmer" was coined from the extreme case with which these individuals steal, simply by walking along next to a stranger on the street for a few moments. Due to the electromagnetic field, no physical touch between the RFID scanner and your wallet is even needed! The RFID skimmer criminals will be long gone before you even realize there's an issue.

Once a skimmer has obtained the card information, it's a relatively simple process to use it. Using a card-magnetizing tool, the criminals can transfer the data onto a new card. The skimmer then has access to your accounts and can use the card within seconds. these machines aren't terribly difficult or expensive to obtain either. Anyone who has the money to pay for a card reader or magnetizing tool can buy one, regardless of industry of intent.

So what's the best method of protection against the skimmers? While the internet might have you wrapping your credit cards in aluminum foil, but there are safer and more fashionable products available.

Our blocking card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on high frequencey(13.56mhz) smart cards such as credit/debit cards, identification cards, passports, membership cars and so on.

It's "active", it draws energy from the scanner to power up and instantly creates an E-field, a surround electronic field making all 13.56mhz cards invisible to the scanner, once the scanner is out of range the blocking card de-powers. Our blocking card needs no battery, so simply carry our blocking card in your wallet or money clip, all your RFID cards within range of its E-field will be protected.

But do you really need a RFID blocking card? The short answer to this question, in our opinion, is "Maybe". While it's true that the vast majority of RFID chips in credit cards have not been skimmed by radio hackers, it has been reported out in the wild by a few people. Therefore, getting an effective RFID blocking card should give you an extra amount of security, as well as some peace of mind. In other words, whild the odds of being hacked aren't ultra-high it doesn't hurt to be safe, rather than sorry later.


Our blocking card sell well at gift dealers, it's also a good choice as a small gift, we also cooperated with many wallet dealer for their RFID blocking wallet, if you want, we can also provide you complete RFID blocking wallet.


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