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NFC E-ink Smart Tag of Passive and Free Style

NFC E-ink Smart Tag is a kind of smart tag with NFC(Near Field Communication) technology and E-paper of passive type (No battery). It mainly relies on an NFC enabled device such as NFC mobile phone, NFC reader or NFC POS machine to support instantaneous RF power to allow e-ink display to refresh its content when needed. Thanks to the smart technology of E-paper, there is no need of any power to display digits, text, picture, barcode, QR code etc. after refreshing. Each tag has its UID and it is free to add another RFID or UHF label to the tag. It is very easy to edit the tag content in a free style and make the information synchronized in the display with the information on the backend. NFC E-ink smart tag can be reused and recycled for many times, environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long term.

NFC E-ink Smart Tag could be used widely for smart visual management about bookshop, coffee shop, clothes, boutique, medical products, students, staff, meeting room, exhibition and many more mini applications.

NFC E-ink Smart Tag could combine with SE chip plus cold-chain technology to be used for DCEP, and all-purpose cards used in industrial park, campus, hospitals, community and buildings 

There are 1.54inch, 2.13inch, 2.90inch and 4.20inch e-ink paper in different shape of different design according to clients’ requirements.
Product Basic Info
Parameters Specifications
Screen size 1.54inch
Display resolution 152(H)*152(V)  DPI:140
Pixel configuration Square
Pixel pitch  0.181*0.181mm
E-paper color     Black and White
Working temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature -10℃~60℃
Operating humidity     < 75%
Tag lifespan 5-10 years
Power support RF power, without battery
Tag size Free design

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