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<b>silicon Wristband丨RFID Wristband</b>
Silicon Wristband is RFID packaging in silica gel material made of wristbands,With the advantages of shockproof, dustproof, and drop....
<b>Disposable wristband丨Disposable RFID wristband</b>
Disposable Paper wristband,Disposable Tyvek wristband,Disposable PVC wristband Waterproof...
<b>EPOXY wristband 丨EPOXY RFID wristband</b>
Material EPOXY、Silicon Material Sizes:Ф74/65mm,Ф45Ф50Ф60mmorcustomized Material Weight:12.8g/piece(Ф74/65MM) Material Packing:100piecesinOOPbag,10OPPbaginonecarton Material Cartonsize:515mm*255mm*350mm Material Netweight:12.8kg/carto...
<b>RFID Sport Wristband</b>
Eco-friend TPE+TPU.Eco-friend zinc alloy electroplated lock, metallic, no harm to skin.Working temperature: -30℃~75℃ Color: White, pink, black, purple, orange, light blue, bue, navy blue, green, dark red, yellow, rose red for option.P...
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