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<b>RFID Inlays</b>
Inlay & prelamb can be used in contactless card and RFID label mass production. ...
<b>UHF Dry inlays</b>
production intruduction UHF Dry inlays / RFID Labels We are one of the pioneer RFID label and inlay manufacturer in this field and has developed RFID label series operating at HF and UHF frequency, in rectangular and circular shapes, fully...
<b>RFID Dry inlays</b>
production intruduction RFID Dry inlays / RFID Labels Specifications: Module Type : HF chip: NXP Mifare 1k(S50)4K(S70),Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Desfire EV1 4k, Mifare Desfire EV18k, FM11RF08(F08)--Mifare 1k(s50) compatible, TKS50--Mifare 1...
EAS RF soft anti theft label
Our anti theft label is a kind of EAS RF soft label made of glassing paper, thick reinforced paper and aluminum foil etc.. After shoppers pay, the cashier scans to demagnetize an anti theft label by using a scanner deactivator otherwise the ...
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