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NFC Label 丨 Sticker
NFC Label,NFC Sticker...

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production intruduction

 Material : PVC or Paper

 Dimension : 86x54, 76*45, 64*34, 50x50, 45x45, 40x25, 38x25, 37x19, 35x35, 25x25, 30x15,18x18, 14.5x14.5,  20*12,dia45/ 40/ 35/ 30/ 25/ 18mm,Customerize

 NFC chips : Refer to Table 1 on reverse

 Read range : 1cm – 10cm, depending on antenna size and acceptor

 Options : Logo; serial number; chip encoding; 3M glue; anti-metal layer

 Applications : Mobile phones/ Event / Loyalty and coupons /Parking meters / Payment / Poster / Library &  file management


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