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The New Project Of RFID Tracking Tag/Label



By adopting RFID technology, the system can automatically collect production data and equipment status dada so that provide production manager with “real-time data” for all processes in the production line. Meanwhile, combined with the process characteristics of each process equipment and related processed, quality index parameters to on-line monitoring and analysis of production information, such as process parameters and equipment operation parameters of important production links, help enterprise to realize automation and information integration of semi-finished product process, and the management of warehousing in the process of production. Therefore, the automatic real-time tracking of production operation can be achieved, which can effectively supervise the production positions, the stability of product quality and the execution rate of process parameters.
Nowadays, USOCARD has won the support of "Kute Smart" with its superior factory price and high-tech production equipment, and purchase 3,000,000 pieces of RFID tracking tags. "Kute Smart" is always concerned with research "Internet and Industry", Formed the "mass customization" as the core of the Kute intelligent model. This paper sums up a set of thorough solutions for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises---Data Engineering, and creatively puts forward the C2M commercial ecology of the factory which is directly connected by consumers with the mode of "individualized customization".
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