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Electronic Price Tag Solutions



Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. is concentrate on researching Electronic Price Tag, which is full with a function of electronic information display device, are mainly used in supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy which helps to show price information.
Electronic Price tag brings new sales growth point to the retail industry. You can complete tens of thousands of price changes in a very short period of time, while the completion of the docking system with the cashier to increase the frequency of change promotions, according to the data show METRO increased by 3 % Of sales, price change error rate of 0.00001%.

The ESL integrates with the in-store display management system, effectively solidifies the in-store display position, instructs the shop assistant to carry on the commodity display, and brings the convenience to the headquarters to carry on the display inspection and the whole process of paperless operation, high efficiency, accuracy as well as being green.
ESL ensures that the information of physical stores, online shopping malls and APP terminals remain highly synchronized in real time, and solve the problem of frequent online promotions and frequent price changes in a short period of time.

ESL solves the problem of frequent price change in key fresh parts of stores, and can display inventory information, complete high efficient inventory of individual products, optimize the clearance process of stores and monitor clearing data, etc.