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About RFID Tracking Tag/Label



RFID Application Field of Ticket Tag

With the development of the world economy, RFID Technology is gradually infiltrating into the production of various industries, including Garments、Electronics、Logistics and Bags. There are more applied labels in garment industry. Now we would like to introduce you RFID Tracking Tag.


The prospects for RFID Tracking Tag

In the production process of the traditional manufacturing enterprise, the production mode is mainly single-price flow. However, the biggest disadvantage of this production mode is that a large amount of crude product will be keep long in stock and caused the process become more complicated and increased production link. These problems undermine management's ability to predict, control and respond to production cycles. Thus, it has become increasingly difficult to copy with the market demands for orders with multiple specifications and short delivery periods.


Advantage of RFID Tracking Tags

By adopting RFID technology, the system can automatically collect production data and equipment status dada so that provide production manager with “real-time data” for all processes in the production line. Meanwhile, combined with the process characteristics of each process equipment and related processed, quality index parameters to on-line monitoring and analysis of production information, such as process parameters and equipment operation parameters of important production links, help enterprise to realize automation and information integration of semi-finished product process, and the management of warehousing in the process of production. Therefore, the automatic real-time tracking of production operation can be achieved, which can effectively supervise the production positions, the stability of product quality and the execution rate of process parameters.


For example: The garment production process 

A RFID tag is used to produce each single piece of work on pipeline, and an RFID data acquisition terminal is installed at each station. When the worker completes each job, the system automatically sends the information of the work piece to the computer system through the RFID collection equipment, and the system automatically completes the calculation of the piecework wage and all kinds of production statistics work. The system supervises the production situation of each workshop in the process of production, the whereabouts of all fabrics, and the completion of each worker, which can understand the status of order completion in real time, promote the work of workers, improved production efficiency and intelligent data collection. In order to avoid the errors caused by human factors, RFID technology is used to automatically collect data in the whole production process of production planning, batching, cutting, sewing, in order to avoid the errors caused by human factors. It also can track the source of unqualified products, can track the correct responsibility, promote workers to correct working attitude, improve production quality, saving cost label content can be read and write, can be reused, save cost.

Nowadays, USOCARD has provided 1,000,000 RFID tracking tags to multiple garment manufacturers and system vendors. Among them, "Kute Smart" is our long-term cooperative customer.